P.S. You’re My Hero's purpose is to promote justice and work with  victims of crime within St. Clair County Michigan.  It is our goal to help make all victims of crime whole again, survivors,  as much as possible after a crime.  

Our program will attempt to alleviate some of the costs incurred by victimization.  By assessing the needs of each case, we will offer support and comfort.   We will also help guide those victims of crime to  other resources in our area.

To volunteer, donate or communicate with us, please contact us at:  



"An ordinary man did an extra ordinary thing"

Paul Skinner was a Pipe Fitter from Yale, Michigan.   His hobbies included working out, biking and lifting weights. 

But if you asked anyone, his favorite thing was his family.  

"He loved us more than I could ever describe and we totally knew it and felt it",  his wife Mara said describing the memory of Paul's affection. 

On November 12, 2010, Paul passed away while saving the life of his wife during the commission of a horrible crime.  

P.S. You're My Hero is dedicated to his spirit and to those countless other heroes in our lives.