P.S. You’re My Hero Programs promotes justice and works with the victims of crime within St. Clair County  Michigan.

It is the goal of these program to help make victims of crime whole/survivors as much as possible after a crime.  

We will attempt to alleviate costs incurred by victimization by assessing the needs of each victim on any individual basis.  

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Comfort Room

 The St Clair County Prosecutors office, is in the process of   remodeling the waiting room in the  victim's rights  office.  P.S. You're My Hero is supporting the  remodeling project with Comfortable furniture, a refrigerator, a child play section and other comfort items.    The waiting room in the court house is  reserved for those who are the victims of crime.  It is  a place to rest, regroup, and stay strong.    

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Support Packages

From therapy sessions, temporary shelter, to something as simple as buying lunch for their families during the trial period.    P.S. You're My Hero has developed a series of support packages that we can deliver to those victimized by crime in our area.  

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Comfort Dog

We are happy to announce that we are pursuing a  partnership with the St Clair County Prosecutors office in providing the availability of a comfort dog to those who have been recently victimized by crime.