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How can we help carry the burden for victims?  


Directly after a crime and during the trial.   Without red tape.  

This is one of the main goals of P.S. You're My Hero, and this program receives the bulk of our funding.  


With oversight from our Board of Directors, we have set aside funds for the St Clair County Victims Rights team to access the need of recent victims of crime and then take immediate action.    


From paying a victims rent or hotel stay, to repairing eye glasses that were damaged during a crime, to food vouchers.    


Criminal trials can be overwhelming for the victim.     Providing the victim and his/her family a comfortable private space in the court building during breaks is the goal of this program.     


PSYMH supplies light refreshments and meal vouchers as well.   


We are currently offering  two Therapy Session packages.

For those recent victims of crime, and with the guidance of the St Clair Victim Rights team, we offer a package of  5 private sessions.    For the extreme cases, we typically extend this.

in 2017 we added group sessions, concentrating on PDSD.   


There is a special unconditional comfort our furry friends can offer, that human interaction cannot.    PSYMH is very happy to support this program.    At the direction of the St Clair County Victims right unit, we will help offer a comfort dog at the court house during the breaks in the trial.   

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