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A Letter From Our Founder:  Mara McCalmon

I want to take this opportunity to share what P.S. You’re My Hero is and what it is about….

P.S. You’re My Hero is an organization that was born out of a family’s tragedy.  In November 2010 our family found ourselves going through the unthinkable, a home invasion, murder, and betrayal.  From that point on we were thrown into a completely unknown world including the physical, emotional, and financial obstacles of a crime.  We were facing the mountain of all mountains that included our new reality, beginning the healing process, attending, and testifying at hearings, trials, and sentencing, and trying to find our new normal.   As a family, we lifted, supported, and carried each other through every step.  We were thankful that we had each other and some resources to help support us through.


I would like you to know that It is completely overwhelming being a victim; emotionally, physically, and financially.  It is a dark place, a world that people don’t want to talk about or hear about, and not a place that anyone wants to be in.  It is because of this, I think, we do not do enough for victims.  Victims really don’t want to ask for help, it’s hard.  We are already in the most vulnerable of places and now we must purposefully be more vulnerable to get assistance, not happening….

It was through this experience that I founded P.S. You’re My Hero… P.S. stands for Paul Skinner, my husband who lost his life in this tragedy.  I wanted to find ways to help those, who have been victimized by crime, in the kindest of ways.  I relied on my experience and the things that would have been helpful to me in putting together resources and provisions for those affected by crime.  


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