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Carbon 13

Meet Carbon...

Carbon began his life with a puppy raiser to prepare to become a leader dog for the blind. Finding he wasn’t quite fit for this role, he had a career change and was trained to become a canine advocate.

Following the retirement of canine advocate Bruin in 2023, Carbon became the second canine advocate working within the Victim’s Rights Unit of the  St. Clair County Prosecuting Attorney’s office.

Carbon’s handler while working in the office is Cortney Carl, the Victim’s Rights Coordinator. Carbon works in the Victim’s Rights office primarily helping child victims. If a child has to testify in a criminal case Carbon is allowed to be with them when they testify.  It makes it a little less scary if they have a buddy with them on the stand. Carbon also visits with adult victims and other witnesses waiting to testify in court. The  prosecuting attorney’s office can be a stressful place to work and Carbon does a good job of comforting staff sometimes, too!

However, Carbon couldn't live in the office and needed a family home.  Lori Stevenson, who works in the Prosecutor’s office, along with her husband and two boys, adopted Carbon. Carbon comes to work every day with Lori. After a day at work, he loves coming home and seeing the kids and their neighborhood friends in the yard playing football, because he knows it’s game time for him too! Fetching balls in the yard is his favorite and he loves sledding in the winter and tries racing the kids to the bottom of the hill.  Carbon also likes to go camping and loves the water and long walks. Carbon gets a lot of love from his family at home and they can’t imagine life without him.

One thing that Carbon absolutely loves is his people.  Especially little people. Being a canine advocate is the perfect job for him.

The Victim Rights Unit is so grateful for the support that PSYMH gives to Carbon by providing for his basic needs, such as food and veterinary care.  They are also grateful to Happy Tails Bath & Boutique for keeping him looking great and smelling good for court and while comforting child victims.
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